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    Fast Guide: SQL Server 2000 commands

    Here are ten commands you need to know!

  • fetch

    In computer technology, fetch has several meanings related to getting, reading, or moving data objects.

  • FileMaker (FMP)

    FileMaker is a relational database application in which an individual may design -- and easily share on the Internet -- a database file by starting with a blank document or implementing ready-made and customizable templates.

  • flat file

    A flat file contains records that have no structured interrelationship. A flat file typically consists of a text file, from which all word processing or other structure characters or markup have been removed.

  • full-text database

    A full-text database is a compilation of documents or other information in the form of a database in which the complete text of each referenced document is available for online viewing, printing, or downloading. In addition to text documents, images are often included, such as graphs, maps, photos, and diagrams. A full-text database is searchable by keyword, phrase, or both.