• Expect big data doings at upcoming Microsoft Ignite conference

    Ignite 2017 and the Microsoft data portfolio are the topics of this edition of the Talking Data podcast. On tap is a closer look at Azure Cosmos DB.

  • SQL Server 2016 features boost cloud, security and analytics support

    In a podcast, SearchSQLServer's Jessica Sirkin discusses the noteworthy features in SQL Server 2016, reactions from early users and issues to consider in thinking about upgrading.

  • Microsoft takes No. 2 spot in competitive database market

    The $31 billion database management systems market saw a little shakeup in 2013. Find out which company Microsoft surpassed for the No. 2 spot.

  • SQL business intelligence takes forefront at PASS events

    The Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) will hold two SQL business intelligence events in the coming months. BI is big for SQL Server pros.

  • SQL Server 2014 'keeps up with the Joneses,' says analyst

    Ovum analyst Tony Baer says that most database platforms are moving toward in-memory features, and SQL Server 2014 is no different.

  • Podcast: SQL Server high availability options

    SQL Server high availability options include database mirroring, replication and log shipping. In this podcast series, you'll get the basics and best practices for each.

  • Podcast: Log shipping in SQL Server: Basics to best practices

    SQL Server database administrator Eric Johnson explains how to back up your primary database and restore it to a secondary server through log shipping. He'll explain log shipping setup via SQL Server Management Studio. Get the details on how to set up multiple log shipping failover boxes to provide High Availability and a reliable reporting environment.

  • Database mirroring in SQL Server 2005 2

    What is database mirroring in SQL Server and how can it benefit your environment? SQL Server database administrator Eric Johnson starts by outlining the three roles involved in database mirroring: principle, mirror and witness. He goes on to share the types of mirroring solutions for High Availability and how to configure those solutions.

  • Podcast: SQL Server replication basics

    In this podcast, you'll grasp the functionality of replication and what it can do for your SQL Server environment. SQL Server database administrator Eric Johnson starts by explaining the three replication types: snapshot, transactional and merge. He then takes you through setting up replication for high availability and outlines how to failover a replication solution.

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