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    All-in-One Guides cover all of your SQL Server research needs -- from the learning stage to actual implementation.

  • New Product Showcase

    Learn about new or significantly updated commercial products, software tools and hardware for SQL Server.

  • SQL Server Insider

    TechTarget’s SQL Server Insider e-zine is a quarterly online publication focusing on Microsoft’s enterprise database, SQL Server. With a feature-length story and two other articles written for SQL Server professionals, the editors of offer an in-depth look into the database trends sweeping over Microsoft, including business intelligence, cloud computing and “big data.” And read on for expert tips and best practices on performance, migration strategies and data warehousing.

  • SQL Server 2012 Guide

    This one-page guide will give you all the information you need on Microsoft SQL Server 2012, from pricing and licensing to features around high availability, business intelligence and cloud computing.

  • SQL Server engages users with self-service BI

    Self-service BI is appealing on many levels, enabling end users to create reports and analyze data on their own. IT staffers are able to concentrate on more tech-heavy responsibilities after setting the BI system in motion. Each new release of SQL Server offers new tools and capabilities to improve ease of use for end users and ease of management for IT.

    Enhancements to Microsoft's SQL Server have revolved around the concept of "the democratization of BI," simplifying complex business intelligence operations so that any user familiar with Excel can also carry out self-service BI functions. Excel is also the springboard for BI tools that provide users with new and easier ways to visualize and analyze data.

    This guide highlights top stories on self-service business intelligence systems, the expanded offerings that come with SQL Server 2012 and the specific uses for new self-service BI tools.