• Reporting Services: Options and components to consider

    Reporting Services components affect overall system performance. Get the basic knowledge of how to use these components, how to set their properties, and what to turn off so you'll optimize system performance.  Continue Reading

  • Optimizing Report Performance

    To optimize your report performance, you'll need to know the right tools, and how to do things like create a performance log and tune your reporting solution. This book chapter highlights the importance of optimizing the peformance of your reporting...  Continue Reading

  • Monitoring report server performance

    Performance monitoring tools can follow server performance and gather data to help you determine whether the current system configuration is adequate. Microsoft Windows Server operating systems provides the folliwng performance tools: Task Manager, ...  Continue Reading

  • Using Performance console

    Performance console monitors specific performance counters enabling you to estimate system requirements, create a performance baseline, monitor application performance, and measure whether hardware upgrades and other changes to your system have the...  Continue Reading

  • Strategy for performance tuning

    Reporting solutions have many aspects influencing the performance of the entire solution. Having a finely-tuned reporting solution is the key to great performance in terms of the speed of information retrieval. Use these strategies to tune your ...  Continue Reading

  • Creating a performance log

    Performance console and Event Viewer can be used to create logs and alerts about report processing and resource consumption. This book excerpt shows you the steps to create a performance log.  Continue Reading