• Top 10 SQL Server development tips of 2007

    Here are the top 10 most viewed SQL Server development tips of 2007. From best practices for writing stored procedures and creating SQL Server tables and columns, to T-SQL enhancements and error handling with Try…Catch blocks in SQL Server ...  Continue Reading

  • ApexSQL Log/2005.10

    ApexSQL Log is a Microsoft SQL Server log auditing and recovery tool that analyzes SQL Server's own transaction log to display information about data changes on computers and applications where the change originated.  Continue Reading

  • Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 2.0

    Get advanced features to optimize database performance monitoring, diagnostics and issue resolution activities within SQL Server with Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 2.0.  Continue Reading

  • SQL Compliance Manager v3.0

    Learn how SQL Compliance Manager v3.0 audits SQL Server databases by generating reports, ensuring compliance with regulatory and data security requirements.  Continue Reading

  • ER/Studio 7.5

    Learn about ER/Studio 7.5 which simplifies the analysis of existing SQL Server data sources, designing and implementing databases and building and maintaining enterprise models.  Continue Reading

  • Rapid SQL 7.4.1

    Produce quality code in less time and accelerate the delivery of database applications with Embarcadero Rapid SQL 7.4.1, a cross-platform SQL IDE that helps database programmers.  Continue Reading

  • ApexSQL Code/2005.13

    ApexSQL Code/2005.13 is a SQL server Rapid Application Development (RAD) code generation tool that automatically creates custom code patterns in a variety of programming languages.  Continue Reading

  • ApexSQL Edit/2005.30

    ApexSQL Edit has been modified and has many new features, including support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, centralized mapping, Object Explorer, code snippets, object notes and context-sensitive options.  Continue Reading

  • ZUI

    SQL Power Tools Inc.'s ZUI monitors SQL Server database activity at all times while targeting poor-performing SQL statements to ensure a healthy database.  Continue Reading

  • SQLCentric v 2.0.1

    SQLCentric is a fully functional Web-based MSSQL-centric network database monitoring and alert system for your entire SQL Server infrastructure.  Continue Reading

  • SQL Sentry Event Manager, Version 3

    SQL Sentry Event Manager, Version 3 is a scheduling, alerting and response system for optimizing the performance of database servers across your enterprise, with no agents to install and manage on each server.  Continue Reading

  • ApexSQL Report/2005.02

    Learn how ApexSQL Report, a data-driven Web reporting application for SQL Server, uses stored procedure metadata to create sortable HTML reports in minutes.  Continue Reading

  • ApexSQL Doc/2005.13

    ApexSQL Doc/2005.13 can automatically document multiple databases simultaneously into Compiled HTML Help-format or HTML with an extensive command-line interface.  Continue Reading

  • ApexSQL Log API 2005.10

    ApexSQL Log API is a programmable API that adds transaction log-auditing capabilities to SQL Server database applications, eliminating the need for developers to code auditing functionality themselves.  Continue Reading

  • SQL diagnostic manager v5.0

    SQL diagnostic manager v5.0 alerts SQL Server admins to health, performance and availability problems within their SQL Server environment from a central console.  Continue Reading