Customers react to Microsoft SQL Server preview

Microsoft previewed some of the new features of the next version of SQL Server, code-named "Denali," at the PASS Summit 2010 being held in Seattle by the Professional Association for SQL Server. The features that Microsoft is adding include column-store database technology and a Web-based data visualization and reporting tool. was at the conference and got on-camera reaction from attendees.

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Customers react to Microsoft SQL Server preview

Barney Beal:   Hello. I am Barney Beal, News Director with I am here at the SQL PASS conference in Seattle where Microsoft recently previewed the next version of Microsoft SQL server, Codename Denali. I had a chance to talk to some users about what they thought of some of the new features.

You saw some of the next version SQL server today. What intrigued you? What do you think was cool?

R.J. Troudt:     I think the way they are integrating both the DBA experience and the developer experience into one is going to be very helpful. Plus, a lot of the things that we have already had to develop on the side with the dependencies and all integration in the way we cleanse data already today. They are just finally marrying all of that up together in almost a single interface. For my group, which is a relatively small group of people, is going to help those people all do similar activities, yet even though their roles are different, they will be able to do all that together at one place.

Barney Beal:   In all, you guys are in charge of data quality now?

R.J. Troudt:     Oh, yes. With literally a hundred data sources from all different places; we already do master data services before the header released, we built our own. Combining that with auditing the cleanse data in there already, we have had to do it manually. Now it is all automated. It is all in one.

Barney Beal:   Great. Thank you very much.

R.J. Troudt:     You are welcome.

Mark Melichar: The only thing that I want to see is I want to get my hands on it, and I want to work with it because a lot of times there are gotchas with some of these. One of the things that I was wondering about is backups with the file systems now because they are come as part of SQL server; are those all coordinated? I have questions like that. It is pretty exciting what they are doing. The fact that you can have secondary databases around, use those for read only, a lot of options seem pretty cool. I want to get my hands on and work with it though, just like you said, to see what the gotchas are, and what workaround are going to be, and things like that. It looks pretty good though.

Barney Beal:   Are you going to run and run, play around with it yourself?

Mark Melichar: Actually, as soon as I get back, I am going to have a VM server built, and I will go ahead and install it. We have an MVP SQL server at the shop, and we will play with it together.

Barney Beal:   Great. Thank you.

You got a preview of what is coming next in Microsoft SQL server today. Tell me what you thought. Are there things that interest you?

Steve Martin:  There are a lot of things that interest me. I liked the idea that they are going to have standalone sequences, the demos were nice, but it is really hard to tell what is really happening behind the scenes. Having done this for over 20 years, nothing is as easy as setting up a wizard in 5 minutes and just jumping straight to replicating the data. I guess the proof is whether it will stand the test of time and how many problems they have.

Barney Beal:   You do not envision running out and buying it once it is available?

Steve Martin:  Yes, we will. I am not sure if we will use it right away, but we will definitely upgrade.

Barney Beal:   Great, thank you.

Steve Martin:  Sure.

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