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SQL Server 2005 Learning Guide

Are you ready for SQL Server 2005? Here you will find news and expert technical advice to answer your SQL Server 2005 questions and put you on track for a successful upgrade.

It's been five years since Microsoft released a new DBMS, but both experts and users agree that this one was worth...

the wait. SQL Server 2005's enhancements and new features have made the system a much more attractive option to both large and small shops. Nonetheless, upgrading to SQL Server 2005 is a serious undertaking, requiring extensive training, planning and testing. In this Learning Guide, you will find news, technical tips and expert advice to help address your questions and concerns regarding SQL Server 2005 and put you on the road to a successful upgrade. This Learning Guide was last updated Thurs., May 25.

   SQL Server 2005 news archive
   Enhancements and new features
   Upgrade considerations and advice
   DBA concerns
   Developer concerns
   Additional resources

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This was last published in November 2005

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