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Using a stored procedure to find space used by tables

Get the space used by all tables by using the stored procedure sp_spaceused and inserting the output in a temporary table.

[This is a follow-up to an tip called Quick way to find space used by each table in a database.]

There is an alternative way to get the space used by all tables, using the output of the stored procedure sp_spaceused and inserting it in a temporary table. There is no need to modify any stored procedure and it has a clean output.

Just copy and paste the following code. I've been using it for this purpose for about 5 months now, with no problems.

-- SpaceUsedByTables
-- Guillermo Maldonado
-- 2/1/2002
-- Reports name, rows, reserved, data, index_size and space unused
-- for all user tables on a database.
declare @name sysname
set nocount on
create table #Tables
 [name] sysname,
 [rows] int,
 reserved varchar(20),
 data varchar(20),
 index_size varchar(20),
 unused varchar(20)

declare tables_cursor cursor fast_forward for
 select name from sysobjects
 where type = 'U'
open tables_cursor
fetch next from tables_cursor into @name
while @@fetch_status = 0
 insert #Tables
  exec sp_spaceused @name
 fetch next from tables_cursor into @name
close tables_cursor
deallocate tables_cursor

select * from #tables
order by [name]

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