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SQL MINUS when you need it

Use these queries when your SQL syntax doesn't support the MINUS operator.

When your SQL Server syntax doesn't support the MINUS operator for finding the difference between two sets, you can use the following two queries, based on left/right outer joins to do the equivalent. My problem was to find new data (new in the current data but not in the previous month's data) and deleted data (not in current data but in the previous month's data) in monthly data dumps from a vendor.

This tip is based on answer found at: Experts Exchange. Acperkins gets the original credit.

select a.* from 
 taba a left join tabb b on a.key=b.key
 where b.key is null
 select b.* from 
 taba a right join tabb b on a.key=b.key
 where a.key is null

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