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Five basic SQL Server functions you should be using

Check out five of the most useful of the many SQL Server system functions.

Several commands provide you with important information about your SQL Server. The easiest way to perform these commands is to open a query window, enter the command and obtain the results on the Messages tab. There are numerous functions, but the following is a list of perhaps the most useful of them.

  • SELECT @@VERSION displays the version of the SQL Sever, its build, edition, service pack level (if any), date of the version, and additional pieces of information.
  • SELECT @@SERVERNAME will show you the name of your SQL Server in use with your current connection.
  • SELECT @@TRANCOUNT will show you the number of open transactions associated with your current connection.
  • SELECT @@ERROR indicates the error number of your current error. From that number it may be possible to deduce the source of the error, why it happened, and perhaps how to fix the problem.
  • SELECT @@LANGUAGE indicates the name of the language in use for your SQL Server.
  • SELECT <-NGUAGE indicates the name of the language in use for your SQL Server.

Barrie Sosinsky is president of consulting company Sosinsky and Associates (Medfield MA). He has written extensively on a variety of computer topics. His company specializes in custom software (database and Web related), training and technical documentation.

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