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Changing SA passwords

How to fix SQL Server Error 21776: "[SQL-DMO] The name 'dbo' was not found in the Users collection."

Ever try and change your SA password only to get an error like this: "Error 21776: [SQL-DMO] The name 'dbo' was not found in the Users collection. If the name is a qualified name, use [] to separate various parts of the name, and try again."

Yes, we've probably all seen it. You can still change the password by using sp_password but that doesn't fix your problem. This error, from my experience, occurs when you DTS or restore a database from one server to another. If you look in the users collection you will not see the SA account.

To fix this error, run sp_changedbowner 'sa' on each database that does not have SA as a user. NOTE: You may have to go into each user collection and refresh to see the account. I have had to use this at one time or another on almost every SQL server I administer (12). Hope this helps someone out there.

Reader Feedback

Jaime M. writes: "I thought this tip was very helpful. Many DBAs do not actually check the default settings for the SA password."

Richard B. writes: "Mr. Higdon's tip was very helpful. Thanks!

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