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  • February 09, 2005 09 Feb'05

    Why use stored procedures?

    Stored procedures offer several distinct advantages over embedding queries in your Graphical User Interface (GUI). Your first thought may be: "Why tolerate the added development overhead?" After seeing the advantages, you may change your mind.

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  • stored procedure

    A stored procedure is a group of statements with a specific name, which are stored inside a database, such as MySQL or Oracle. Continue Reading

  • Microsoft SQL Operations Studio eases SQL Server admin tasks

    SQL Operations Studio simplifies routine administration of SQL Server and Azure SQL databases, making database development and management easier for users who aren't full-time DBAs. Continue Reading

  • library

    In computing, a library is a collection of similar objects that are stored for occasional use - most frequently, programs in source code or object code form, data files, scripts, templates, fonts, and physical storage units such as tape cartridges. Continue Reading

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