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ObjectRocket launches Azure MongoDB service

Count ObjectRocket among those pursuing Azure MongoDB deployments. This open source NoSQL database continues to find traction on the web and in the cloud.

MongoDB caught Microsoft's attention -- enough so that the company included an API that lets MongoDB applications run on the Azure Cosmos DB database it debuted in 2017. Still, a host of players continue to work to bring MongoDB to broader use on the Azure cloud itself.

ScaleGrid and MLab are among players on the trail of Azure MongoDB services -- that's not to mention the database's originator, MongoDB Inc., which last year unveiled an Azure-ready version of its Atlas database as a service. Now, the popular NoSQL document database has found another player ready to take it to the Azure cloud.

ObjectRocket, which has long supported MongoDB database as a service on Amazon's AWS cloud, recently said it would support MongoDB as a service on Microsoft Azure Cloud. This take on an Azure MongoDB provides MongoDB instances that are run as dedicated clusters of Azure virtual machines, which in turn can be managed by ObjectRocket's Control Panel. Full-time access to the ObjectRocket database team is also part of the service.

Despite Microsoft's efforts to field the alternative known as Cosmos DB -- as well as its predecessor DocumentDB -- the open source MongoDB platform has continued to flourish. By shunning the relational model, it has sped up database development and application updating, especially for parts of big data oriented web commerce systems, and it has found wide acceptance among programmers.

Jeff Hansen, technical director of digital engagement, SingleStone ConsultingJeff Hansen

The new Azure MongoDB service came out of work on a beta program that ObjectRocket undertook with users of the Sitecore Experience database from Sitecore USA Inc. With roots in the .NET development framework, and employing both SQL Server and MongoDB databases, Sitecore has been deployed as part of both content management and user experience software systems.

"We use Sitecore, and work with clients that are trying to improve their communications with their customers," said Jeff Hansen, technical director of digital engagement at Richmond, Va., company SingleStone Consulting. The firm is an earlier adopter of the ObjectRocket MongoDB as a service for Microsoft Azure cloud.

Hansen said MongoDB is a fundamental component of the Sitecore data toolkit, but translating SQL Server administration skills to the MongoDB environment -- in either on premises or on cloud -- can be difficult for many shops.

Developers ... are building microservices that allow them to pick the right database for the specific job they need to do.
Stephen Nolangeneral manager, ObjectRocket

He said ObjectRocket's extensive MongoDB expertise played an important part in SingleStone's decision to go the ObjectRocket Azure MongoDB route. capacity planning for cloud, particularly, he said, was an area where ObjectRocket's administrative know-how proved beneficial.

ObjectRocket has considerable experience in the still young MongoDB world. It has been working with MongoDB since its founding in 2012, and it has expanded to cover Redis, Elastic Search and Hadoop data work as well. In 2013, ObjectRocket was acquired by cloud provider Rackspace, and since then it has operated as a Rackspace company.

Stephen Nolan, general manager, ObjectRocketStephen Nolan

Over time, ObjectRocket has built its own specialized tools for handling MongoDB workloads, query optimization and the like, according to Stephen Nolan, general manager at the company. He foresees continued growth in use of MongoDB, as well as other built-for-purpose data stores.

"MongoDB has continued to gain adoption, especially from developers writing new applications," he said. "Today, developers, including ones in large enterprises or what you might call shadow IT, are building microservices that allow them to pick the right database for the specific job they need to do."

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