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SQL Server 2012 SP2 due out later this year, and other SQL Server news

Following a request from some SQL Server MVPs, Microsoft has announced that SQL Server 2012 SP2 will come out sometime later this year.

SQL Server 2012 SP2 to be released this year

Microsoft's  announcement regarding the coming release of SP2 comes in part due to feedback from SQL Server Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) on Microsoft's Connect forum for developers. MVP Erland Sommarskog posted a thread on the forum in January, stating that SQL Server 2012 SP1 was released more than a year ago, and that Microsoft should release SQL Server 2012 SP2 as soon as possible.

According to Sommarskog, "numerous bugs have been fixed" since the release of SP1.

"They are available in cumulative update packages [10 to date]," Sommarskog continued. "However, Microsoft recommends customers [don't] install these cumulative updates unless affected by one of the fixed bugs. That creates a dilemma for SQL Server administrators. You do not want to install a package if Microsoft recommends against it, but you also want to take proactive action so that you can squash the bug before it affects you."

In its announcement, Microsoft said it would release SQL Server 2012 SP2 "later this year," but did not disclose more details.

SQL Server 2008 going off mainstream support

Are you running SQL Server 2008? Be aware that mainstream support for that version ends July 8.

The deadline may force some IT shops on SQL Server 2008 to upgrade, even if they don't really want or need to. After July 8, you can still run SQL Server 2008 under extended support, but that may not be enough for some shops.

The differences between mainstream and extended support include issues around warranty claims, design changes and feature requests, among other things. Extended support for SQL Server 2008 is available until July 2019.

DH2i releases new application console

DH2i Company, a Fort Collins, Colo.-based software company, has released a new version of its product meant to manage SQL Server instances across physical and virtual machines.

DH2i said its product can improve high-availability and disaster recovery scenarios with SQL Server. Its DxConsole 2014, released Feb. 24, has features that include incorporating cloud or hosted instances of SQL Server into a cluster, better definition of a cluster, and multiple address support for clusters.

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