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Three SQL Server tips Denny Cherry wants you to know

Which SQL Server technologies are hot right now? What does a SQL expert wish you knew about SQL Server? Hint: BI and data growth have a lot to do with it.

There’s something Denny Cherry wishes you knew. Three things, actually. caught up with the consultant and popular blogger on a June morning between the Orlando, Fla., and Amsterdam, Netherlands, TechEd conferences. We had a chance to ask him what he’d like you to know about SQL Server and pick his brain about the hottest SQL Server trends he encountered at Microsoft TechEd.

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  1. )    SQL Server 2012 is out. “I’m still getting a lot of questions about when SQL Server 2012 is coming out. It’s already been released,” Cherry said. Why the confusion? He speculates it’s because some of the other new releases, including Windows Server 2012 and Digital Studio 2012, are still in beta, leading to the incorrect assumption that SQL Server 2012 was in beta, too. But that’s not the case. The new database was released to manufacturing in March.
  2. )    New availability features are on the way. “AlwaysOn availability groups will help with high availability as well as applications scale out. You’ll be able to run SQL Server all at once, across different boxes and machines.”
  3. )    PC Windowing Functions are here. “These are a big win for SQL developers,” Cherry said. These features are a great way to do aggregations on data, and they allow you to examine data more easily than you otherwise could.

We also asked Denny Cherry to share with us what he believes the hottest trends for SQL Server are. Here are the top three trends he anticipates growing in this year and next.

  1. )    Data analytics and bringing business intelligence (BI) into companies. “That BI was so popular at TechEd just goes to show. This will not be going away any time soon,” Cherry said. Then he added, “People are going to have to learn [data analytics and BI] quickly.”
  2. )    High availability features. The desire for these kinds of features is only going to grow, according to Cherry. “Companies just can’t afford any kind of downtime anymore; their apps all need to be running 24/7.”
  3. )    Data growth. Companies are generating more and more data, and keeping it longer and longer. In the meantime, he said, tools that allow you to manage your “big data” will grow increasingly popular.

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