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Microsoft offers update for SQL Server 2000

Service Pack 4 rolls up previous fixes for the database management software and adds some new features as well.

Database administrators and IT executives are just months away from seeing SQL Server 2005, which is Microsoft's first major upgrade to SQL Server in years.

But SQL Server 2000 still requires some tending to, and on Friday, it received some with the release of SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 4. The update adds platform support for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition, among other things. Using this service pack, administrators can use 64-bit processor architectures for 32-bit SQL Server applications, Microsoft said.

SP4 also includes all the fixes from previously released service packs. There is also a new version of MSXML version 3.0 SP6. With SQL Server SP4, the OPENXML statement is updated to use a custom-built XML parsing technology designed to be backward compatible with MSXML 2.6, Microsoft said.

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