SQL Server Business Intelligence Strategies

  • April 06, 2010 06 Apr'10

    Master Data Services could spur SQL Server 2008 R2 migrations

    Microsoft's new master data management technology could be a major factor for those pondering an upgrade to SQL Server 2008 R2.

  • November 02, 2009 02 Nov'09

    DBA career paths could lead to business intelligence

    Business intelligence could prove to be an ideal specialty for SQL Server DBAs who feel like they've hit a wall with their current jobs.

  • October 20, 2009 20 Oct'09

    Project Gemini gets a new name, Madison earns buzz

    PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint (formerly codenamed 'Gemini') along with Project Madison will be of keen interest to those looking ahead to SQL Server 2008 R2.

  • April 10, 2006 10 Apr'06

    Open source BI gets down to business

    Open source business intelligence may not cost less to implement, but more funds can be spent on services instead of licensing, a proponent says, and that means more customized BI.

  • February 22, 2006 22 Feb'06

    Analyst sizes up Oracle's post-Siebel BI strategy

    Business applications expert Joshua Greenbaum sizes up Oracle's post-Siebel business intelligence (BI) strategy and explains why he thinks general-purpose BI offerings belong on the endangered species list.

  • February 22, 2006 22 Feb'06

    Expensive data warehouses not always necessary for BI

    Attendees at this week's TDWI conference and other data experts explain why some companies may want to rethink their approach to data warehousing and business intelligence.

  • November 10, 2005 10 Nov'05

    Market for data warehousing tools surges

    The data warehousing software market grew over 10% last year, driven by business intelligence projects, scalability and increased access to internal and external users.

  • February 09, 2005 09 Feb'05

    Microsoft hypes BI, adds reporting tools for end users

    Microsoft is putting reporting tools into the hands of end users by adding features from newly acquired BI software vendor ActiveViews. But some DBAs say giving more power to the end users could cause problems.

  • February 09, 2005 09 Feb'05

    Web services, BI fuel DBA job market

    Get the scoop on a group of highly specialized areas that are breathing some new life into a tired DBA job market.

  • February 09, 2005 09 Feb'05

    Eight steps to BI success

    The Data Warehousing Institute has a suggested program for reaching business intelligence (BI) goals. It involves taking eight careful steps, and lowering overall expectations.

  • February 09, 2005 09 Feb'05

    Finding business intelligence in chaos: Data Warehousing and the unstructured data problem

    Learn how to overcome the challenges of storing and analyzing unstructured and semi-structured data in a data warehouse. Listen to the archived version of this webcast, originally broadcast on Tuesday, April 9, 2002 at 01:00 PM EDT (15:00 GMT), with...