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Microsoft SQL Server Tools and Utilities

  • Microsoft SQL Server Tools Guide

    Whichever SQL Server hammer or nail you may be looking for, there's a good chance you'll find the tool or utility you need in this guide. Check out some of the best native and third-party tools for Microsoft's database management systems. Continue Reading

  • DB Optimizer

    DB Optimizer allows developers and database administrators to maximize database performance by detecting and reconciling SQL coding issues. Continue Reading

  • Toad for SQL Server 4.0

    Toad for SQL Server 4.0 bridges the functionality gaps that exist in both Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio within a single tool set. Continue Reading

  • Change Manager 5.0

    Change Manager 5.0 is a cross-platform SQL Server utility to identify database changes when migrating databases and diagnoses performance issues. Continue Reading

  • SQL diagnostic manager, version 5.6

    SQL diagnostic manager, version 5.6, is a performance tuning tool that alerts administrators of health and availability issues across all SQL servers. Continue Reading

  • Spotlight on SQL Server Xpert Edition

    Spotlight on SQL Server Xpert Edition detects and diagnoses performance issues across your SQL Server environment by providing an overview of enterprise performanceContinue Reading

  • LiteSpeed for SQL Server 5.0.2

    LiteSpeed for SQL Server 5.0.2, a backup and recovery tool, reduces SQL storage requirements, compresses data, improves restore times and allows T-SQL scripting.Continue Reading

  • ApexSQL Log/2005.10

    ApexSQL Log is a Microsoft SQL Server log auditing and recovery tool that analyzes SQL Server's own transaction log to display information about data changes on computers and applications where the change originated.Continue Reading

  • Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 2.0

    Get advanced features to optimize database performance monitoring, diagnostics and issue resolution activities within SQL Server with Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 2.0.Continue Reading

  • SQL Compliance Manager v3.0

    Learn how SQL Compliance Manager v3.0 audits SQL Server databases by generating reports, ensuring compliance with regulatory and data security requirements.Continue Reading

  • SQLsecure v1.2

    SQLsecure v1.2 provides SQL Server user access and performing rights analysis, ensures security model enforcement and offers advice to improve SQL Server security.Continue Reading

  • ER/Studio 7.5

    Learn about ER/Studio 7.5 which simplifies the analysis of existing SQL Server data sources, designing and implementing databases and building and maintaining enterprise models.Continue Reading

  • Rapid SQL 7.4.1

    Produce quality code in less time and accelerate the delivery of database applications with Embarcadero Rapid SQL 7.4.1, a cross-platform SQL IDE that helps database programmers.Continue Reading

  • SQLCentric v 2.0.1

    SQLCentric is a fully functional Web-based MSSQL-centric network database monitoring and alert system for your entire SQL Server infrastructure.Continue Reading

  • SQL diagnostic manager v5.0

    SQL diagnostic manager v5.0 alerts SQL Server admins to health, performance and availability problems within their SQL Server environment from a central console.Continue Reading