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Why Vecima Networks, Epworth HealthCare chose DxConsole

Vecima Networks and Epworth HealthCare go through their separate checklists to pick their server application virtualization program -- DxConsole.

Lance Ripps, infrastructure team lead at Epworth HealthCare, and Brian Gail, database administrator at Vecima Networks, were recently faced with the challenge of selecting and deploying SQL Server application virtualization software. Both chose to deploy DH2i's DxConsole for very different reasons. DxConsole is a server application virtualization program that directs SQL Server management and high availability across physical and virtual platforms.

At Epworth HealthCare, Ripps' servers were taking on more of the duty of handling clinical data with new medical records reaching 10 TB per year. He was looking for help with consolidation and very reliable high availability. DH2i caught his attention because it promised extremely fast failovers.

Vecima Networks had been using PolyServe, which reached end-of-life in February. Gale was looking for a replacement that PolyServe users could learn quickly. DH2i is currently marketing DxConsole as a replacement for PolyServe, since DxConsole has similar features and can preserve existing PolyServe infrastructure.

Deployment challenges

Ripps started with a wish list for DxConsole. He wanted reliable high availability that allowed for easy upgrading and migration of SQL, as well as simplified adding and removing of nodes and failover to new nodes. Most importantly, he wanted fast failover and less downtime.

As of May, failover was successful and high availability in place. However, start/stop was slow on the cluster, despite speed being the major selling point for DxConsole for him.

Gale only found one problem with DxConsole, though it was one that cost him a lot of time. Mainly he was pleased with easy-to-install software and ease of use for former PolyServe users. However, transferring from one file system to another has proved time-consuming. DxConsole does not copy SSA packages and doesn't report that it failed to make the copies. Gale had to copy them over manually after he had thought he was done with the data transfer.

However, since then, DxConsole has upgraded its data transfer tool and Gale is hopeful that this problem has been solved.

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