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Using SQL Server 2005 data mining

Data warehouses and data marts hold a wealth of valuable information. Learn how to tap into that information with Chapter 3 of Data Mining with SQL Server 2005. This chapter will review the Analysis Services toolset and provide techniques to create and analyze mining models.

Concealed inside your data warehouse and data marts is a wealth of valuable information just waiting to be discovered. All you need are the right tools to extract that information and put it to use. Serving as your expert guide, Data Mining with SQL Server 2005, by ZhaoHui Tang and Jamie MacLennan, shows you how to create and implement data mining applications that will find the hidden patterns from your historical datasets.

Here we offer you Chapter 3, 'Using SQL Server Data Mining,' courtesy of Wiley Publishers.

This chapter will review the Analysis Services toolset and provide techniques to effectively create and analyze mining models. Before reading this chapter, you should understand the concept of a mining model, mining model columns, and case and nested tables. This chapter is designed to help novice users get started and provide experienced users with techniques that will help them get the most out of the toolset. This is not meant to be a substitute or a replacement for the excellent documentation and tutorials found in the product documentation. Rather, it describes and applies the general tools provided with Analysis Services specifically for data mining purposes.

The following table of contents will help you navigate this chapter:

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This was last published in July 2006

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