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Set performance profiles

Find out how to increase performance 10-25% per replication command in this tip, one of 15 tips in 15 minutes.

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9 of 15 replication tips: Set performance profiles

For optimal SQL Server replication performance, you should set your HistoryVerboseLevel to 0 for your Distribution Agents. Ideally you will create a high performance profile for this -- performance will increase 10-25% per command! Doing so will not yield any Error Details when your Agent fails, so you will need to select the default profile and restart your Distribution Agent to view the error in Error Details. Do not set HistoryVerboseLevel to 0 on your Log Reader agent; this will cause very high CPU utilization.

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About the author: Hilary Cotter has been involved in IT for more than 20 years as a Web and database consultant. Microsoft first awarded Cotter the Microsoft SQL Server MVP award in 2001. Cotter received his bachelor of applied science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Toronto and subsequently studied both economics at the University of Calgary and computer science at UC Berkeley. He is the author of a book on SQL Server transactional replication and is currently working on books on merge replication and Microsoft search technologies.

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