Seeking a SQL Server stored procedure editor

If you are searching for a T-SQL stored procedure editor, look no further. Find out which editors other SQL Server users recommend in this ITKnowledge Exchange of the Week.

The following is from ITKnowledge Exchange from August 17-19 2005.

Question from member "AaronCutshall"
I'm looking for a good editor for T-SQL stored procedures. Preferably one that will color-code keywords like what the default editor does, but will allow search and replace functionality as well as printing capabilities. Considering the budget I have, no to low cost would help as well.

Several members responded to this question in ITKE. Here are several member's suggestions.

Response from member "PaulRyan"
Try this editor, loads of syntax files including T-SQL and costs about $20.00

Response from member "ng1kenobee "
Here is another freeware SQL editor: SQL Tools I have tried it a few times. You can even set your own colors.

Response from member "SloopJohnB "
You might want to check out: QueryCommander. This is a freeware/shareware replacement for Query Analyzer. It can be a little flakey at times, but it works reasonably well. NotePad++ This is a simple text editor. I use it as a notepad replacement and to do simple editing against various scripts. It will color the SQL keywords, etc. for you.

Response from member "Freejack "
If you are already using Visual Studio.NET for other projects, it's no additional cost. It has the ability to work with T-SQL as well.

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