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SQL Server Blog Watch

SQL Server bloggers offer valuable technical advice, tips and tricks for working more efficiently with Microsoft's flagship database. Check out the weekly updates to our SQL Server Blog Watch.

Bloggers typically use their pages to muse, amuse, opine or whine, or simply to share their knowledge of a particular topic -- and nowadays, blogging is the thing to do. In the SQL Server community, bloggers offer valuable technical advice, tips and tricks for working more efficiently with Microsoft's database management system -- interspersed often with their own personal ranting of the day. Check out this collection of SQL Server blogs we've compiled to help you easily navigate through the blogosphere.

  • Mark Brown: Mark Brown's Blog - Interesting facts about BizTalk, SharePoint, .Net and more
  • Andrew Carter: Andrew Carter's Weblog - Topics on SQL Server including replication
  • Eric Charran: Technical Weblog of Eric Charran - A Journal of My Technical Achievements and Challenges
  • Laurentiu Cristofor: Laurentiu Cristofor's blog
  • Dave Glover: Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)" - Webdev, Visual Studio, Mobility, Windows, Security, Media Center and Gadgets
  • Euan Garden: "Life, the Universe, MS and SQL"
  • John Gallardo: John Gallardo's Weblog - From SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Alexander Gladchenko: Alexander Gladchenko, SQL Server MVP
  • Ben Miller: Love that ASP.NET and SQL Server - Ben Miller's Developer Experiences
  • Mohamed Sharaf: Mohamed Sharaf's Blog - .NET Framework, ASP.NET, SQL Server and Sharepoint
  • Stan Spotts: Stan's Weblog - .Net and other interesting dev stuff in PA
  • Gunter Stae: Gunter Stae's Blog - This blog will distribute new content about Microsoft's Business Intelligence platform
  • Michiel Wories: Michiel Wories' WebLog - Life of a SQL Server Project Manager
  • Business Intelligence on SQL Server
  • Microsoft Community Blogs: SQL Server
  • Microsoft: SQL Server Express WebLog
  • SQL Server Engine Tips: Guidelines, Best Practices, TSQL and SQL Programming Tips & Tricks
  • SQL Server Relational Engine Manageability Team Blog
  • Tips, Tricks, and Advice from the SQL Server Query Optimization Team

    General SQL Blogs
  • PASS
  • SqlJunkies
  • SQL Server Gems
  • Lee Everest's SQL Server Weblog
  • Developers

  • Bob Beauchemin: Bob Beauchemin's Blog: Software developer
  • Pinal Dave: Journey to SQL Authority blog
  • Peter DeBetta: Peter DeBetta's SQL Programming Blog
  • Tim Ewald: Blogs/Tim Ewald - XML Nation
  • David Hayden - professional website developer sharing news, information and tools for the .Net Developer
  • Robert Hurlbut: Robert Hurlbut's SQL Server Blog - Development with SQL Server, Performance, Unit Testing and Best Practices
  • Brian Knight : SQL Server MVP
  • Greg Low: The Bit Bucket - Greg Low's Ramblings
  • Adam Machanic: SQL Server MVP - Data manipulation for fun and profit
  • MaLio: MaLio's C# Blog - scribblings of an insomniac
  • Fritz Onion: ASP.NET
  • Alf A. Pedersen: Viewpoint of a Database Analyst: A Database Design Principles Blog
  • Thom Robbins: Thom Robbins .NET Weblog
  • Namwar Rizvi: SQL Server programming tips blog, including TSQL issues,optimization strategies and general SQL Server issues
  • Jeff Smith: Jeff's SQL Server Blog
  • Chris Taylor: A .NET Weblog


  • Denny Cherry: SQL Server with Mr. Denny
  • Don Kiely: Don Kiely's Technical Blatherings - All Things Technical in .NET, SQL Server, and Security
  • Jason Massie: Statistics IO
  • Craig Mullins: Perspectives on Database Management
  • Darrell Norton: Darrell Norton's Blog - [MVP] Test Driven Development, Agile, Scrum, etc.
  • Simon Sabin: SimonS' SQL Server Stuff - Ramblings on SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services
  • Sanjeeva Samaraweera: Blog posts from a SQL Server Database Architect
  • Bruce Schneier: Schneier on Security
  • Colin Smith: SysAdminSmith - The Key To Your Inner Geek
  • Kimberly L. Tripp: Improving *my* SQL skills through your questions!
  • Bill Vaughn: William (Bill) Vaughn's Blog - Thoughts and discussions on Visual Basic, data access and SQL Server
  • Grant Hawkes: HawkeSoft Development Blog
  • Rick Obsitnik: Critical Status - Database-Oriented Issues Plus
  • Sid Atkinson: Business Intelligence and SQL Server

  • Do you have a SQL Server blog of your own or a favorite that you follow? E-mail us the blog and we'll add it to this page.

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