SQL Server 2005: A Beginner's Guide: Chapter 2, 'SQL Server Management Studio'

Get lessons on working with SQL Server 2005 Management Studio in this collection of excerpts from the book "SQL Server 2005: A Beginner's Guide".

Need to quickly get up to speed on SQL Server 2005 Management Studio? Check out these excerpts from the book SQL...

Server 2005: A Beginner's Guide written by Dusan Petkovic and published by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media.

Chapter 2, 'SQL Server 2005 Management Studio,' offers introductory lessons and excercises on working with this new SQL Server front-end component. See below for the list of excerpts in this series. Or, purchase the book directly from the publisher and save 45% on the cover price. TechTarget members just enter promotion code AETT511 on the homepage.

Excerpts from Chapter 2, SQL Server Management Studio:

About the book: It's been five years since Microsoft released a new version of SQL Server; and the latest edition of this bestselling beginner's guide gets users up and running on SQL Server 2005. The book covers database concepts and discusses key topics for new users including the SQL Server Workbench,T-SQL, automated administration tasks, security and analysis.

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