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Letters to the editor: Educating database end users

As a SQL Server DBA or developer, what knowledge would you pass along to end users to help ease your burdens in the new year? Read what your peers have to say.

Database administrators and developers must always be prepared to handle users' problems and concerns -- even if those users are quick to blame for small things that go wrong and rarely praise when big things go right. It may be a lack of education; users just don't understand the work involved with managing and maintaining databases. Or it may be that they simply don't care.

We recently asked ITKnowledge Exchange members what's on their new year's wish lists for dealing with end users. What would they like to say to users who are quick to point fingers at IT? What knowledge would they like to pass on to bridge the gap with other departments? How might users help make day-to-day tasks and general troubleshooting assignments tolerable?

The response was mixed. Some folks actually appreciate user ignorance – if only for their own job security. Others have a laundry list of things they'd like users -- and management -- to do differently.

Take a look at their comments in this collection of letters to the editor, and Sound Off with your own wish lists or musings.

End-user education letters to the editor

  • Letter #1: Reasons to appreciate the IT under-educated user
  • Letter #2: Managers need to better communicate and train
  • Letter #3: Developers are not here to play slave
  • Letter #4: Users need to see the big picture
  • Letter #5: Some users just need Valium
  • Letter #6: Users must value the need for high quality data
  • Sound Off to share your own comments on database end-user education.

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