Letter #6: Users must value the need for high quality data

Users must appreciate the value of high quality data designed to fit in a variety of contexts, according to this letter to the editor.

We recently asked ITKnowledge Exchange members what's on their new year's wish lists for working with end users. Here is one letter to the editor. Click for the complete list of letters.

Member solutions1 writes: Clearly, a critical step is to educate users regarding the value of high quality data and the need to make it applicable in a wide range of contexts. People often are not aware that, for example, being inaccurate or being slow to create or update a receiving transaction or some master data table might, in today's more integrated, world have repercussions in a dozen different business contexts, some beyond the company's own boundaries.

A corollary is that those who fund or manage application and database enhancements have a responsibility to be proactive in adapting database design and application logic to aid rather than hinder users in making data fit for new purposes as well as narrow stovepiped purposes.

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