Letter #3: Developers are not here to play slave

Database end users need to show a little respect to people who sometimes work all weekend so others can work without a problem on Monday, according to this letter to the editor.

We recently asked ITKnowledge Exchange members what's on their new year's wish lists for working with end users. Here is one letter to the editor. Click for the complete list of letters.

Member Jean W.M. writes: As a database developer I put nifty little workarounds in the application. So when somebody is pointing fingers at my developer team for some reason, we can show what the person did and when (after a few "yes it's you," "no, it's not me," "it's your ***program" exchanges). After a few months, this point was down. Database department 1 -- user 0 . . . still a long way to go.

I'd like users to know we are not here to annoy people, but to help. We are not here to play the slave for each and every problem that the user creates. We are human. It's our job and we love our job, so show a little respect.

Show at least basic courtesy, common courtesy to people who sometimes work all weekend, so others can work without a problem on Monday and the rest of the week/month/year.

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