Letter #1: DBAs have reason to appreciate the IT under-educated user

Lack of database education among end users may actually benefit DBAs and developers, according to this letter to the editor.

We recently asked ITKnowledge Exchange members what's on their new year's wish lists for working with end users. Here is one letter to the editor. Click for the complete list of letters.

Member Nick D. writes: Just to clarify, end user finger pointing is not always directed just at database admins, but at all members of the IT group -- help desk right up to the programmers. And when that single digit points my way? Well, I remind those users that they are welcome to fix it themselves @#!*! Or at least that's what I'd like to say.

In reality, I personally don't take the finger pointing to heart. Finger pointers are most often a certain breed of end user that often, shall we say, has acquired a taste for their own toes? They usually throw a tantrum and end up staring at their own finger in the end.

I appreciate the uneducated end user as this person is what I refer to as job security! If we educated everyone to the point that problems could be solved without the aid of IT, who would need us? Being from Michigan watching the unemployment ranks grow almost daily, I for one like my job (and the paycheck that comes with it)!

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