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Indexing Guide: The art and science of SQL Server indexing

You can greatly improve your SQL Server 2000 performance through indexing, but only if you know how to choose the proper indexes for your business situation. Here, Jeremy Kadlec offers indexing dos and don'ts, and provides Index Tuning Wizard tricks.

You can improve your SQL performance by using indexes. But you have to choose the proper indexes and make sure the ones you do choose fit into your business situation. In this indexing guide, you will find answers to common indexing questions, indexing dos and don'ts, and tricks for working with the Index Tuning Wizard to improve overall system performance for SQL Server 2000 servers. This is particularly useful for servers that need a boost before they are upgraded to SQL Server 2005.

The art and science of SQL Server indexing
 Home: Introduction
 Part 1: Indexing Q&A
 Part 2: SQL Server 2000 indexing dos and don'ts
 Part 3: Tricks for using the Index Tuning Wizard

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