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Freebie: SQL Server performance tuning dashboard

Read about a free tool that's ideal for pulling together a great deal of SQL Server statistics in one single screen.

You may already be working with the usual suspects for performance tuning tools, but are you using all the features available in each tool? The following is one of several must-have free tools, or go to the complete list of freebies.

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The last freebie I would like to draw your attention to is a SQL Server dashboard: SQLcheck from Idera. It is a read-only interface that operates per SQL Server instance. It is ideal for pulling together a great deal of SQL Server statistics in one single screen. The main interface has the number of transactions, memory usage, percent processor time, disk transfers, network traffic, buffer cache hit ratio, user connections, lock time outs, etc. This single dashboard can serve as a great first step to monitor an environment that can't be captured natively in one screen with the SQL Server toolset.

Click for the complete list of featured performance tuning freebies.

About the author: Jeremy Kadlec is the Principal Database Engineer at Edgewood Solutions, a technology services company delivering professional services and product solutions for Microsoft SQL Server. He has authored numerous articles and delivers frequent presentations at regional SQL Server Users Groups and nationally at SQL PASS. Jeremy is also the Performance Tuning expert. Ask him a question here.

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