DBSync for MS SQL & MySQL

DBSync for MS SQL & MySQL performs SQL-to-MySQL and MySQL-to-SQL database conversion and synchronization.

New Product Showcase for SQL Server developmentDBSync for MS SQL & MySQL is a database synchronizer that performs SQL-to-MySQL and MySQL-to-SQL database conversion and synchronization.

  DBSync for MS SQL & MySQL

Using a wizard-like application, DBSync for MS SQL & MySQL lets you convert data with synchronization and choose a specific number of tables to sync. Administrators can organize application work using command-line parameters and choose whether or not to copy identical records from a source database to the destination database.

The program enables high-speed synchronization and offers the ability to choose Insert, Update and Drop types of synching. All options initiate full database synchronization. DBConvert Scheduler lets you run DBSync for MS SQL & MySQL program sessions and any other applications on a user-defined schedule, meaning you can run programs without user input after scheduling it once.

DBSync for MS SQL & MySQL supports all base data types of SQL Servers 2000/2005 and MySQL server data types (including BLOBs, ENUMs, SETs and data arrays). Primary keys, indexes and foreign keys are also supported. Conditional data migration lets you manage database conversions via integrated data filters. A built-in scheduling stage in all DBConverter tools performs conversion and synchronization task management.

DBSync for MS SQL & MySQL
Figure 1: A screenshot of DBSync for MS SQL & MySQL.

DBSync for MS SQL & MySQL includes the following enhancements:

  • Advanced command-line processing

  • Data filter support

  • Data mapping support

  • SSH support

  • Microsoft SQL Server Express and Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 support

  • Insert-synchronization, Update synchronization and Drop synchronization

System requirements: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or NT with Internet Explorer 4.01; at least 32 MB RAM; necessary privileges to write into databases on the target MS SQL/MySQL server; MDAC 2.8.

Pricing: $79 for one copy, $158 for four copies, $237 for eight copies, $395 for 20 copies. One site-wide license is $792 for an unlimited number of developers.

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