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DBConvert for Access & MS SQL

DBConvert for Access & MS SQL allows for the conversion from Microsoft Access databases to SQL Server and from SQL Server databases to Microsoft Access.

New Product Showcase for SQL Server DevelopmentDBConvert for Access & MS SQL is a database migration tool for conversion from Microsoft Access databases to SQL Server and from SQL Server databases to Microsoft Access.

  DBConvert for Access & MS SQL from DMSoft Technologies

DMSoft Technologies' DBConvert for Access & MS SQL converts your databases by configuring several options through either its wizard interface or command-line parameters.

The ability to organize application work using command-line parameters is supplemented with a scheduler, allowing the program to be run without user input after scheduling.

In addition, DBConvert has an option for saving your data in a SQL dump file to overcome restrictions on direct server access. This then associates a user with the proper privileges to select, insert, update and delete a database.

DBConvert for Access & MS SQL
Figure 1: A screenshot of DBConvert for Access & MS SQL.

The following features come with DBConvert for Access & MS SQL:


  • Optimal data mapping that allows for the automatic transformation of data types from one specific format to another.

  • Conditional data migration aided by advanced data filters and control over the migration process.

  • The ability to operate with a whole database or with only the necessary tables, fields, indexes and foreign keys.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 or better; 32 MB of RAM; privileges to write into databases on the target SQL Server.

Pricing: $79 per copy. Volume discounts and site-wide licenses are available.

This was last published in March 2009

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