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July 2011, Vol. 6

SQL Server virtualization risks: among all the pros, some cons

It is hard to argue with virtualization. Few technologies have had such a sudden and profound impact on the way businesses run their IT operations, saving them money and manpower, all with scant glitches or snafus. But when it comes to databases such as SQL Server, analysts warn there may be a few “gotchas” -- namely, SQL Server virtualization risks -- lurking out there. One note of caution came from Peter O’Kelly, principal analyst at O’Kelly Associates. O’Kelly said there are “waves,” or trends, in the IT industry, and the current wave holds that virtualization is supposed to be good for everything. “Now, industry is discovering that there are some places where you may want to dial that back a bit,” he said. “It is probably something that needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.” Virtualization might not always be a good thing for databases in general because it may interfere with the heuristics of the database management system for data access optimization, which is designed to work directly with data storage devices. ...

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