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February 2010, Vol. 1

Top 5 SQL Server DBA tasks that are a waste of time

Some tasks performed by DBAs on a regular basis not only have little to no benefit to SQL Server, but can actually be detrimental to the health of their environments. In this article I'll cover a few such tasks. If you are doing any of these, I would hope that you stop doing them as soon as possible. #1. Shrinking the database Daily shrinking of the database is bad for a few reasons. From the technical side, the biggest impact you will see is a greatly increased index fragmentation after each database shrink. In addition, shrinking the database files increases both the physical file fragmentation on the disk subsystem and the I/O load on the server, which decreases performance for other functions while the shrink operation is running. Now it isn't the actual shrinking of the database that causes fragmentation, but as the files regrow themselves and you continue to shrink them, the database will become more and more fragmented as it autogrows. SQL Server Mailbag Each month (nearly), Denny Cherry asnwers questions from our readers...

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