Microsoft SQL Server training: What you need to know

Last updated:November 2013


All users who interact with the SQL Server database can benefit from improving their knowledge through ongoing training. Database administrators, "reluctant" DBAs and professionals in other areas can enhance performance and productivity by revisiting the basics and exploring new capabilities of SQL Server.

Several resources are available, including SQLSaturday events. Professionals need to assess when it's time to earn certifications and which aspects of SQL Server training are necessary. Learn more about these topics as well as an insider's look at what to expect from the SQL Server 2014 release in this guide.

This essential guide offers basic information on the SQL Server database, expert advice for keeping your skill set up to date and news about the latest SQL Server technology trends.

1SQL Server basics-

Basics and benefits of SQL Server training

Database administrators, "reluctant" DBAs and non-DBAs all have the need to improve their knowledge of SQL Server. The articles in this section offer resources and advice so that all types of users can benefit from SQL Server fundamentals.


Non-DBAs benefit from SQL Server training

Read this tip for information on how SQL Server training benefits users other than database administrators. Continue Reading


Helpful SQL Server resources for reluctant DBAs

Expert Don Jones points reluctant DBAs in the right direction for SQL Server resources in this tip. Continue Reading


SQL Server professionals come together for SQLSaturday

SQL Server pros have a chance to network and gain expert advice and training at one-day SQLSaturday events. Continue Reading


The basics of SQL Server: How does it really work?

This article offers the disoriented DBA an explanation on how data moves from disk to memory in Microsoft SQL Server. Continue Reading


Checklist: Step by step SQL Server performance tuning

The steps outlined here provide a talented team with an easy reference for measuring and tweaking SQL Server performance. Continue Reading

2Expert insights-

Trends, perspectives and advice on enhancing SQL Server skills

Microsoft database professionals and developers looking to update their skill sets or for some refreshers will find expert advice in the articles here. This section also explores certification information and common server performance errors to avoid.


Expert highlights Microsoft SQL Server trends

Expert SQL Server manager Denny Cherry discusses Microsoft SQL Server trends of 2013. Continue Reading


Ways that application developers unwittingly hurt performance

Learn how SQL Server developers can prevent eight common server performance errors. Continue Reading


SQL Server certification: Is it worth it?

Database professionals who are not sure what to pursue will find information about Microsoft certifications in this article. Continue Reading


SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse: Get to know the client tools

Learn about the new set of client tools when you take on Microsoft's Parallel Data Warehouse in this tip. Continue Reading


Three hot SQL Server technologies you need to know

SQL expert Denny Cherry wants you to know about these technologies related to business intelligence and data growth. Continue Reading

3Latest DBA essentials-

Essentials for DBAs in 2014

The release of SQL Server 2014 brings news and updates for even the most experienced DBAs. Learn more about the latest version and technology trends that all DBAs need to know with the news stories below.


SQL Server DBAs: Prepare to take on big data and more roles

Today's DBAs have to be prepared to take on big data and a wider variety of tasks, according to leaders of the Professional Association for SQL Server. Continue Reading


DBA focus shifts to big data technologies

A platform architect advises DBAs to turn their focus to SQL Server big data technologies. Continue Reading


New features of the SQL Server 2014 database release

The release of SQL Server 2014 includes in-memory and cloud integration features. Continue Reading


SQL Server 2014 to offer increased availability and scalability

Learn more about the availability and scalability features of SQL Server 2014. Continue Reading


Community Technology Preview of SQL Server 2014

Check out this CTP for the new SQL Server release before it becomes generally available. Continue Reading

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