Guide to SQL Server data management and data quality

Last updated:October 2013


Organizations store and manage enterprise data in various systems and formats, often making effective data management and governance challenging. Data quality can suffer without a strategy for effective management. In addition, more enterprises are placing a focus on business intelligence and data analysis, which have much to offer in terms of business value. SQL Server offers features for data management, data governance and business intelligence (BI) capabilities, with SQL Server Master Data Services and SQL Server Integration Services, as well as a number of management tools.

Database administrators have a significant role to play in data management, of course. However, with SQL Server 2012, Microsoft aims to include business users in managing data and processing BI reports as well.

The articles in this Essential Guide deliver helpful information on the features available through SQL Server, examples of how different tools can be applied and expert advice for improving SQL Server data management in your enterprise.

1SQL Server data management-

Improving SQL Server data management and data quality

SQL Server offers different features for administering, viewing, cleansing and managing data. The articles in this section provide expert insights for how to view, store and standardize data with SQL Server Data Quality Services, Master Data Services and other tools.


See how SQL DMVs make SQL Server database management easier

Access detailed examples of SQL dynamic management views (DMVs), learning how they facilitate administration of SQL Server databases. Continue Reading


Data cleansing with SQL Server Data Quality Services

Gain insights from expert Denny Cherry on Microsoft's data-cleansing tool, SQL Server Data Quality Services. Continue Reading


The key to SharePoint storage optimization

This article looks at the inner workings of SharePoint storage and explains how the platform stores data. Continue Reading


MDS technologies: What's new with Master Data Management products

Learn how the Master Data Services (MDS) feature of SQL Server enables business to standardize sets of data. Continue Reading

2BI and SSIS-

Business intelligence and SQL Server Integration Services

With growing emphasis on business intelligence becoming a reality in many companies, efficiently managing, integrating and viewing data is more important than ever. The stories in this section examine new features of SQL Server Integration Services for SQL Server 2012, as well as other BI tools.


Features facilitate SSIS for BI developers

Expert Robert Sheldon describes SQL Server 2012 features that make life easier for BI developers. Continue Reading


Exploring more new features for SQL Server Integration Services

Learn about more SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) features of SQL Server 2012 in this tip discussing connection managers and column mapping. Continue Reading


Tips for setting parameters and undoing operations with SSIS 2012

This third part of a series on SQL Server Integration Services discusses package and project parameters, and undo and redo operations. Continue Reading


Business intelligence capabilities of SQL Server 2012

See what analysts have to say about Microsoft SQL Server 2012 BI capabilities such as Power View and master data management. Continue Reading


Keeping up with Moore's Law: SQL 2012 business intelligence

Read how Intel is using SQL 2012 business intelligence, and self-service BI in particular, to keep up with Moore's Law. Continue Reading

3Data management tools-

SQL Server tools to enhance data management and governance

Data management, data governance and data visualization are easier than ever with helpful new SQL Server management tools. The articles in this section discuss tools such as GeoFlow, Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS), SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and how they contribute to an effective data management strategy.


Why these six SQL Server management tools are absolutely vital

Learn what expert Ashish Kumar Mehta has to say about six important SQL Server management tools, such as BIDS and SSDT. Continue Reading


Take Excel to new dimension with GeoFlow SQL Server mapping tool

The new Microsoft GeoFlow three-dimensional SQL Server mapping tool adds 3-D mapping capabilities to Excel. Continue Reading


SQL Server 2012 management tools: What you need to know

Get insights into essential SQL Server management tools that help save time and enhance performance. Continue Reading


SQL Server 2012: New tools add to Microsoft BI stack

With the release of SQL Server 2012, the Microsoft BI stack adds new tools to the familiar lineup. Continue Reading


Maximize data governance with tools and standard processes

Learn how to make the most of data governance tools by also implementing best practices and standard processes. Continue Reading

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