Exploring third-party SQL Server tools

Last updated:December 2013


With each new release of SQL Server come new and improved tools, and in many cases the native tool options are impressive. However, certain functions may require third-party tools for enhanced performance.

Which tools are best for your organization? Have you maximized use of the tools offered within Microsoft SQL Server? Which third-party tools will best complement the tools you are already using?

This Essential Guide offers expert advice on both native and third-party tools for SQL Server so you can make the best tool-buying decisions for your company.

1Management tools-

Enhance SQL Server management with essential tools

In this section, learn about the native management and third-party SQL Server tools that can augment performance. Experts and consultants weigh in on the most notable tools and what they can do for your organization.


Third-party tools complement SQL Server management tools package

Learn about the several third-party tools that help with SQL Server monitoring, backup and capacity management. Continue Reading


SQL Server 2012 management tools: The top six you need to know

Save time and improve productivity with the SQL Server management tools explained in this tip. Continue Reading


Comparing ETL tools: Five third-party SQL Server tools

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is great, but sometimes organizations need more in terms of data management. This article discusses other ETL tools. Continue Reading


Learning new client tools that accompany SQL Server PDW

Explore the new client tools that come with Microsoft's Parallel Data Warehouse in this tip. Continue Reading


Comparing SSMS IntelliSense and SQL Prompt

Microsoft responded to the pleas of developers by offering up IntelliSense in SSMS. But third-party tool SQL Prompt is a close rival. Continue Reading

2Tools for security and more-

Improve security, high availability, BI with third-party tools

Explore third-party tools that can improve SQL Server performance across a range of functions, including security, high availability, efficient database searching and business intelligence -- for organizations of all sizes.


Favorite security tools for SQL Server

Learn about native and third-party SQL Server security tools from expert Ashish Kumar Mehta. Continue Reading


Amp up security audits with SQL Server password cracking tools

Check out the password cracking tools available for SQL Server -- some of them are free to use. Continue Reading


Choosing the best techniques for SQL Server high availability

Conduct cost-benefit analysis to determine which tools and techniques are best for ensuring SQL Server availability in your organization. Continue Reading


Facilitating database searches with SQL Server tools

Learn about tools that can aid in locating specific objects and reduce the time required for database searches. Continue Reading


SQL Server BI tool options for SMBs: Prepackaged or DIY?

As the number of BI tools aimed at midmarket companies grows, SMBs have more choices, including creating tools in-house. Continue Reading

3Native tools-

Discover the capabilities of SQL Server native tools

To perform many functions with SQL Server, look no further than the native tool set. The articles in this section explore and describe the various capabilities offered within Microsoft SQL Server.


Evaluating SQL Server auditing tools: Here's the lowdown

Get information about the components of SQL Server auditing tools, including server and database specifications and action groups. Continue Reading


Six absolutely essential SQL Server management tools

Learn more about BIDS, SSMS, SSDT and other important SQL Server management tools in this tip. Continue Reading


Ease DB projects with SQL Server Data Tools 2012

Make database projects easier with SQL Server Data Tools 2012, which can now perform many of the tasks previously reserved for SQL Server Management Studio. Continue Reading


Useful native tools for Microsoft SQL Server

Expert Denny Cherry discusses helpful SQL Server tools provided by Microsoft in this tip. Continue Reading


Exploring SQL Server Management Studio Table Designer capabilities

SQL Server Management Studio Table Designer can create tables, add columns, set constraints and more. Continue Reading


Quiz: Native and third-party SQL Server tools

Test your knowledge of SQL Server third-party tools and native tooling options by taking this brief quiz.

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