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November 2014

Pricing out the new Windows Azure SQL Database

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SQL Database -- formerly known as SQL Azure -- is the relational database product under the umbrella of Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud infrastructure platform. Until recently, Microsoft offered two service plans: Web and Business. Both options were one-size-fits-all; you bought one system or the other, and each came with a set level of database performance, regardless of your specific needs. As of November 1, 2014, however, the company will offer three new service tiers, tailored to different levels of database performance. There are three levels: Basic, Standard and Premium.

In this three-part guide, SearchSQLServer contributors take an in-depth look at the new pricing plan and, specifically, what it means for users. Freelance journalist Robert Sheldon kicks things off with a walkthrough of the three different service tiers. They’re tailored to support different levels of database performance, so Sheldon sheds a bit of light on how companies can effectively decide between the three. In the companion piece that follows, Sheldon digs into the new features that will come out alongside the new service tiers -- particularly on business continuity, a set of disaster recovery features. Basit Farooq closes with a list of three ways to provision a SQL Server virtual machine on Microsoft Azure.

About The Author

Basit Farooq - Senior DBA

Basit Farooq is a senior database administrator with more than a...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • New subscription model puts a price on performance
  • SQL database offers up a safety net
  • Control the cloud with Azure Virtual Machines

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