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eZines and eBooks for SQL Server professionals

This collection of e-publications provides the in-depth information SQL Server DBAs and developers are seeking. Our easy-to-download online books and magazines cover Microsoft's flagship database enterprise server, SQL Server, and the latest releases.

Our e-zines and e-books provide the in-depth information SQL Server database administrators and developers are seeking on Microsoft's flagship database enterprise server, SQL Server and its latest release SQL Server 2008. With each edition, our SQL Server experts address areas you need to know about, including performance, migration strategies and business intelligence.


  SQL Server e-books and e-zines  

SQL Server Insider: Selling a SQL Server 2008 R2 upgrade
A e-zine
May 27, 2010

When proposing an upgrade to SQL Server 2008 R2 to management, you need to focus more on ROI than its cool, new features. Here you’ll learn how to draft a presentation that will wow the higher ups and convince them that migrating to SQL Server 2008 R2 is worth the trouble.

Other topics covered in this issue include:

  • Indexing tricks for ensuring peak database performance (By Denny Cherry)
  • The value of specializing in business intelligence (By Brendan Cournoyer)

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SQL Server Insider: Is self-service BI the answer?
A e-zine
February 18, 2010

Business intelligence is a hot topic in 2010, especially with the upcoming SQL Server 2008 R2 being dubbed a "BI release" by many. Self-service BI is the crux of the Microsoft's long-developed Gemini technology, now officially called PowerPivot. In this e-zine, Eric Johnson breaks down exactly what goes into self-service BI, where it works and where it falls short.

Other topics covered in this issue include:

  • A report on the potential business benefits of SQL Server 2008 R2's much-anticipated Master Data Services feature (By Brendan Cournoyer)
  • The top five time-wasting tasks that every DBA should stop doing (By Denny Cherry)

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SQL Server consolidation options: When and how to consolidate
A Techfocus handbook
By Denny Cherry
February 16, 2010

Database consolidation can take many forms, but getting the most out of your available resources is always the goal. Read this e-book to learn about your SQL Server consolidation options.

Topics covered include:

  • Consolidating databases onto a single SQL instance
  • Consolidating multiple instances onto a single SQL server
  • Consolidating multiple physical servers into a single physical server using Hyper-V or VMware
  • When is consolidating not the right option

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SQL Server 2008 migration: Evaluate the value of a SQL Server upgrade
A Techfocus handbook
By Hilary Cotter
December 4, 2009

To get a handle on which SQL Server versions are available, first you need to understand some nomenclature semantics. SQL Server 2008, which shipped in August 2008, is now into Service Pack 1 (SP1)with Cumulative Update (CU) 4. SQL Server 11-officially named SQL Server 2008 R2-is due out in the first half of 2010.

The next step is to consider your reasons for an upgrade. Different industries will have different motivations for migrating to the next version of SQL Server. These reasons can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Compelling new features
  • Hardware improvements
  • Maintaining competitiveness
  • Cost savings
  • Support and community involvement

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The Windows manager's guide to iSCSI SANs

Chapter2: Gearing up for SANs on a SQL Server

Using iSCSI SANs on a SQL Server can improve performance, reduce infrastructure costs and facilitate system scalability. Get details on how to configure an iSCSI SAN for optimal SQL Server performance and growth.

View all three chapters available in this ebook.

SQL Server consolidation: Why, when and how to consolidate SQL Servers
A eBook
By Hilary Cotter
December 13, 2006

Chapter 1: The case for consolidation


Many SQL Server shops suffer from uncoordinated installations, wasted hardware and licenses, lack of standards and security holes. In this chapter we look at the causes and pitfalls of SQL Server sprawl. 20 Apr 2006

• Defining consolidation
• Causes and pitfalls of SQL Server sprawl
• How consolidation can help
• What to consolidate: Servers and storage
• Key consolidation questions to ask

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Chapter 2: Planning your consolidation


You've reviewed the benefits and decided to consolidate your SQL Server databases. But how should you approach the project? 21 Jun 2006

• Plan early
• Six steps to consolidation
• Identify candidate servers and databases
• Review version, software and hardware dependencies
• Consolidate on the 32-bit vs. 64-bit
• Consolidate on single vs. multiple instances

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Chapter 3: Performing your SQL Server consolidation


You've learned the benefits of SQL Server consolidation and the necessary steps to perform the move. Now it's time to put that wisdom into practice and design your own SQL Server consolidation. 13 Dec 2006

• Consider dependencies in your design
• Know the role of stored procedures
• Develop a test environment
• Migrate and consolidate
• Time to test
• Deploy to production
• Stabilize new environment

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Utilize Analysis Services partitions and aggregations
A ezine
By Baya Pavliashvili
Feb. 21, 2008

Microsoft Analysis Services offers two powerful features for tuning query performance. In this SQL Server INSIDER, get familiar with two powerful features: partitions and aggregations. Improve your analytical applications with partitions to divide data into manageable chunks, and aggregations that are pre-calculated summary values MSAS uses at query execution time – rather than scanning partition files and getting summary values on the fly. Read this latest ezine article and achieve the best possible performance in MSAS with step to:

• Partition a measure group
• Build useful aggregations
• Implement MSAS wizards
• Utilize Aggregation Manager

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Selecting the right SQL Server recovery model
A ezine
By Denny Cherry
Sept. 14, 2007

SQL Server database administrators must have a backup and recovery strategy in place and they must be certain it's the best plan for their SQL Server environment. Choosing the right recovery method is imperative for minimizing, or even preventing, data loss. In this edition of SQL Server INSIDER, expert Denny Cherry examines the backup and recovery strategies available and discusses how to make the correct decision for your SQL Server environment. Read this ezine from for tips on selecting the right backup method. Learn how to choose from the six main backup methods in use today:

• File-level backups
• Full backups only
• Full backups with differentials
• Full backups with transaction logs
• Full backups with differentials and transaction logs
• File group backups

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Designing databases for performance
A ezine
By Baya Pavliashvili
July 15, 2007

SQL Server database architects and administrators have many choices to make if they want their applications to perform well right from the start. To ensure successful database performance, it's important to make the good choices during the design phase, in order to avoid post deployment problems. In this edition of SQL Server INSIDER, expert Baya Pavliashvili discusses how to make database design decisions that will optimize performance. Read this ezine from for tips in designing a database that contains appropriate:

• Data models
• Data types
• Indexing strategies
• Code modules
• High Availability options

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New security model in SQL Server 2005
A ezine
By Michelle Gutzait
May 15, 2007

Security at the server level is typically the responsibility of the DBA or developer, rather than an organizational initiative. With this in mind, Microsoft added a number of security features to SQL Server 2005 intended to make it an easier task.

The new security model in SQL Server 2005 defines two main security objects – principles and securables. In this edition of SQL Server Insider, expert Michelle Gutzait reviews the new security model in SQL Server 2005 and argues the importance of defined security standards and ways they should be applied, managed and controlled. Read this ezine from to get SQL Server security information about:

• Security configurations for SQL Server
• Surface area configurations
• Data encryption
• The strength of the new schema model and more!

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Backup and recovery in SQL Server 2005
A ezine
By Hilary Cotter
March 20, 2007

It's essential that database administrators have a reliable backup and recovery plan for their SQL Server databases. Microsoft reports that the majority of its support calls are incidents that were preventable if DBAs had been following best practices. This ezine examines new database backup and recovery methods and also includes articles on SQL Server 2005 performance and upgrade management. In this issue, you'll find:

• New backup and recovery methods for SQL Server 2005
• Partition indexes for improved SQL Server 2005 performance
• SQL Server upgrade hurdles

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Search Me: Using SQL Server Full-Text Search
A ezine
By Hilary Cotter
January 31, 2007

The full-text search built into SQL Server 2005 is a hugely powerful feature that can improve the performance of your databases. With an index that's remarkably like the only you'll find in the back of a reference book, your users can find the content they seek swiftly, by concept as well as by spelling. A search for "color" can find "colour", if you like, and the keyword "chocolate" can return results that include "cocoa." In this ezine, you'll find:

• FTS advantages
• Create a full-text catalog
• Tables using T-SQL
• Indexes using the Wizard
• XML in FTS
• Testing FTS

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How to build a SQL Server cluster (and keep your hair, too)
A ezine
By Geoff Hiten
December 14, 2006

Clusters help you run a highly available SQL Server, but setup requires a whole bunch of steps. We walk you through the process, and help you make the right configuration decisions before you click on Install. In this ezine, you'll find:

• Cluster basics
• Networking concerns
• Configuring storage
• Installing the cluster
• The final setup
• Live talk with Geoff (podcast)

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