database administrator (DBA)

DBA is also an abbreviation for doing business as - a term sometimes used in business and legal writing. dBA is an abbreviation for A-weighted decibels.

A database administrator (DBA) directs or performs all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment. Responsibilities include designing, implementing, and maintaining the database system; establishing policies and procedures pertaining to the management, security, maintenance, and use of the database management system; and training employees in database management and use. A DBA is expected to stay abreast of emerging technologies and new design approaches. Typically, a DBA has either a degree in Computer Science and some on-the-job training with a particular database product or more extensive experience with a range of database products. A DBA is usually expected to have experience with one or more of the major database management products, such as Structured Query Language, SAP, and Oracle-based database management software.

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DBA is also expected to have general understanding of storage technologies and networking and of recovery, and handling failover of a database. Can you suggest certifications for DBA which are currently in demand in the market.


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