Microsoft PowerPivot

Contributor(s): Jessica Sirkin

PowerPivot is a free Microsoft Excel tool that increases the capabilities of Excel's pre-existing pivot table tool by allowing users to import data from multiple sources.  

PowerPivot allows the user to enter millions of rows of data from multiple sources into a single Excel workbook and create relationships between heterogeneous data. It also integrates with SharePoint, enabling users to share data models and analysis on SharePoint. Data added to the Microsoft PowerPivot spreadsheet is stored in the workbook, regardless of its origin, so users do not have to manage external data connections. PowerPivot supports SQL Azure natively.

PowerPivot also offers a new analytical capability called Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) that allows users to perform more advanced calculations for business intelligence (BI) and busines analytics (BA).

As of this writing, PowerPivot works for all versions of Microsoft Office 2010, but is only available for certain versions of Microsoft Office 2013.

This was last updated in February 2014

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