EDM (Electronic Document Management)

EDM (Electronic Document Management) is the management of different kinds of documents in an enterprise using computer programs and storage. An EDM system allows an enterprise and its users to create a document or capture a hard copy in electronic form, store, edit, print, process, and otherwise manage documents in image, video, and audio, as well as in text form. An EDM system usually provides a single view of multiple databases and may include scanners for document capture, printers for creating hard copy, storage devices such as redundant array of independent disks systems, and computer server and server programs for managing the databases that contains the documents.

EDM may be needed in enterprises that capture and store a large number of documents such as invoices, sales orders, photographs, phone interviews, or video newsclips. EDM may be combined with or integrated into other applications. It may be combined with a workflow management approach. Capture may include document imaging and optical character recognition (OCR).

EDM also stands for enterprise document management, engineering data management and electrical discharge machine


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