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Will SQL Server 2000 DTS packages work in SQL Server 2005?

Concerned that your SQL Server 2000 DTS packages may not work in SQL Server 2005? Expert Adam Machanic discusses SQL Server 2005's answer to DTS packages.

Will my SQL Server 2000 DTS packages work in SQL Server 2005?

DTS is on its way out in SQL Server 2005 and will be replaced by a brand-new Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) engine called SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). SSIS provides a more powerful, flexible and better performing foundation for building ETL solutions than DTS, but this may leave many database administrators wondering what to do with their DTS packages.

The good news is, although they are no longer editable in SQL Server 2005, DTS packages created in SQL Server 2000 can still be run. To ease the transition, SQL Server 2005 provides an upgrade wizard for helping DBAs transition packages into the SSIS framework. However, not all components can be upgraded. ActiveX transforms, for instance, present a challenge for the upgrade wizard, and may not be able to be migrated.

While this means that DBAs will eventually have to re-write these packages using SSIS, doing so will probably be much easier than using DTS, thanks to the functionality that SSIS provides.

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