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Why is my SQL Server frequently corrupted?

We use ASP.NET as the front end and SQL Server 2000 as the back end in our application. The SQL Server often gets corrupted, and while opening the application the following message appears:
"SQL Server does not exist or access denied."

When I open the enterprise manager, no items are displayed. Also, the service manager is running, so I can't even run a database backup. I usually end up in reinstalling the SQL Server 2000. How should I approach this problem?

The access denied-message sounds like a permissions issue. After you install your SQL Server, are you able to login to the SQL Server via the 'sa' account or another Windows domain account that has been granted SQL Server System Administrator rights? Reference this screen shot related to SQL Server's logins (security):

When you open Enterprise Manager and are unable to see the servers, this is probably because you have not registered any SQL Servers on the server or workstation that you are using. I would try the registration process to access the SQL Server.

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