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Why is computer sending packets to port 1434?

I have a SQL Server 2000 (SP3) running in a cluster in my DMZ. In my firewall log, I can see denied hits from this computer running SQL trying to hit a computer inside my network on port 1434. I have run the SQL check utility and have determined that I am patched for Slammer. I understand that this is the port used my SQL Server monitor. How can I determine why this computer is sending out packets to port 1434 of another system?

Those packets are the SQL Serve broadcast. Each SQL Server broadcasts its presence to the outside world. This is why you can get a list of servers in a drop down when you specify a SQL Server to connect to. There is a further explanation in MSDN or TechNet about the broadcasting that SQL Server does by default as well as information on turning it off, but I don't recall the specific link off the top of my head.


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