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Varchar column errors

SQL Server Development expert Greg Low troubleshoots the error message, "The sum or average aggregate operation cannot take a varchar data type as an argument".

I am trying to execute the following:

select count(adj_code), adj_code, adj_desc, sum(amount) from REPORT_ADJUSTMENT WITH(NOLOCK) inner join REF_ADJUSTMENT_CODES...

on REPORT_ADJUSTMENT.adjustment_code = REF_ADJUSTMENT_CODES.adj_code

But receive the following:
"The sum or average aggregate operation cannot take a varchar data type as an argument"

It appears that the "amount" column is actually a varchar column. Perhaps try changing it to something like SUM(CAST(amount AS decimal(18,2)) instead of SUM(amount) if it's definitely a numeric value. I've just used decimal(18,2) as an example, you need to pick something appropriate.

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This was last published in March 2006

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