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Using SQLMail to send query results

Sending query result by email requires SQLMail, which is essentially the integration of SQL Server & Exchange.

I am new to SQL Server and have created a Data Transformation Service (DTS) package, which outputs query results. I want to run the query every morning and send the results in email. How should I go about it? Do I need to use SQL Agent?
You will need SQL Agent. I would recommend that you integrate SQL Server with Exchange or another MAPI email system. If your email system is Exchange your task is easy. SQLMail is essentially the integration of SQL Server & Exchange. You can set it up by following the 'SQL Mail, Setting up' link in Books Online (BOL). Once this is done, you can send mail using operators you define under SQL Server Agent or you can send it as Transact-SQL steps in your DTS package using xp_sendmail.

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