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Upgrading SQL Servers

Migrating to SQL Server 2005 from SQL Server 2000 is a hefty feat when compared to upgrading from 7.0 to SQL Server 2000. Site expert Adam Machanic shares his advice on upgrading SQL Servers.

Is migrating from SQL Server 7.0 to 2000 similar to migrating from 2000 to 2005? Does a high level plan or checklist for migrating exist? Finally, what types of tests or validations should be performed to ensure migrating was successful.
Migrating to SQL Server 2005 from SQL Server 2000 is, in my opinion, a much bigger jump than migrating from SQL Server 7 to SQL Server 2000. Many things have changed, and quite a bit of upfront work is necessary in order to make sure that your upgrade goes smoothly. Microsoft has published an upgrade white paper on upgrading, which can help. In addition, you may want to watch my webcast on the topic.

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