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Troubleshooting database log file error messages

Development expert Greg Low troubleshoots a full database log file error message.

I am in the process of migrating my SQL server 2000 databases (SP3) from Win NT to a new server with Windows 2000. The system consists of a main database "MAINDATA" (85 MB) and a secondary database "SECONDARY" (5MB). I use DTS to update table in the "SECONDARY" database. This process has been running smoothly for many years now on the old server. After migration, when I run the DTS on the new server, I receive an error message indicating that the log file for "SECONDARY" database is full. This is very strange because I have plenty of disk space on my new server. Also, the settings for the log files allow automatic file growth with adequate restrictions. I tried everything that normally solves the problem in such cases including log truncation and database shrinking, etc. with no success. The same settings were working on my old server. Would you please tell me how to troubleshoot this problem?
In this case I'd be tempted to take SQL Server's error message at face value. Try manually setting the database log file to a larger value, instead of relying on the auto-grow behavior.

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