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Transferring a SQL Server program but not the data

Learn how to transfer a SQL Server program by scripting out the database objects using SQL Server Management Studio or SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

I'm a newbie at SQL Server and I have a program that another office wants to implement. How would I go about transferring the program and database (without the data) onto a CD?
The database objects can be scripted out using the SQL GUI, either SQL Server Enterprise Manager (SQL 7/2000) or SQL Server Management Studio (SQL 2005).

In Enterprise Manager, right click on the database and click on "All Tasks" then Generate SQL Script. If the "Show All" button is available click on it, then check the "Script all objects" check box. Click the "Formatting" tab and select the options that you require. Then click on the "Options" tab and check all eight checkmarks. Click "OK" and name the file.

In the SQL Server Management Studio, right click on the database. Click on "Tasks" and click "Generate Scripts." A wizard will open to walk you through the process of scripting out the database. At the end of the wizard you can save the script to a file, to the clipboard, or to a new query window.

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